About Us

DIG is comprised of seasoned civil design professionals with knowledge of utility and infrastructure design.

  • Overview

    DIG is a client service-oriented, multi-disciplined planning and design practice offering civil engineering for markets in both the public and private sectors. The company’s clients include utility districts, municipalities, residential, commercial, K-12, higher education, and healthcare. DIG employees have completed projects all over Texas and have extensive experience working with governmental entities and private companies for the approval and application of construction documents.
  • Experience

    We have extensive experience with similar site elements and expertise throughout Texas, including: Roadway Design Site and Land Development: Grading, planning, hydrology and hydraulics, and site utilities including lift and pump stations Cost Evaluation: If the cost exceeds budget expectations, we work with the client and contractor to bring the price back down to the original sum
  • Construction Service

    We have a full-time department solely dedicated to visiting job sites and monitoring ongoing project conditions. We employ project staff to visit construction sites daily.
  • Client Service

    As your civil engineer, our mindset is one service above and beyond the expectations of the client. We possess an attitude of service that permeates everything we do. Our reputation is built on performance, and we work tirelessly with our clients to leave “no stone unturned” and ensure the information provided is accurate and timely. We incorporate construction phasing when appropriate to optimize your investment during the design phase and keep costs down. We work closely with consultant teams to provide cost information and ensure the client always receives the best value. With expertise in pre-construction, continuous and timely cost estimating, and depth of local resources, we have proven to be an industry leader.
  • DIG Engineers

    We offer expertise you can trust

    Our approach to planning and design focuses on delivering unique environmental solutions that perform – to maximize operational efficiency, functional responsiveness, and end-user achievement.